Booking Form - Sports Fields

Before you complete this form you will need the following details:

- Public Liability
- Food/Alcohol
- Security
- Amenities
- Rubbish Disposal
- Risk Management
- Site Plan

Please have all of the details ready with you before starting the form, as you cannot save it along the way.

  • This application must be accompanied by:

    • location and site plans for the use/activity
    • detailed statement of proposed use/activity
    • risk management plan
  • Sunshine Coast Stadium may impose conditions on the approval relating to:

    • payment of approval fees
    • insurance and indemnities
    • lodgement of a security bond
    • set up of equipment
    • times of operation
    • vehicle requirements

    This application will not be processed without the application fee.

  • Applicant Details

  • The applicant is the organisation, company or individual taking responsibility for management of the event and must be the holder of the public liability insurance for the event.

  • Not-for-profit Registered Charity Private/Public Company Government body
  • Event Details

  • Yes No

  • Training Competition Event Other

  • Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 5
    Field 6 Field 7 Mini/Mod Field Stadium Field

  • Corporate Lounge Lakeview Outdoor Lounge
    Concourse Servery Lobby

  • Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4

  • Yes No

  • Public Liability Insurance

  • As a requirement of your approval, Kawana Sports Precinct may request:
    1. The Hirer / Approval Holder will, at its own expense, insure and keep insured in the name of the Hirer, with Sunshine Coast Council noted as an interested party, for an amount of not less than Twenty Million Dollars ($20,000,000.00) against public liability in the form of a standard public liability policy.
    2. The Hirer / Approval Holder shall produce to Sunshine Coast Council prior to the date required evidence of the Insurance Policy affected by the Hirer / Approval Holder under clause 1a.
  • Finance

    The contact information provided here is for invoicing purposes.
    When applicable, the banking details will be used for bond refunds.

  • Food

  • Yes No

  • Alcohol

  • Yes No

  • Security

  • Yes No

  • Yes No
  • Amenities

  • Yes No

  • How many of each of the following toilets will be required?

  • Rubbish Disposal / Litter Management

  • General Guidelines:
    1 x 240L bin per 100 attendees - if no food or drinks served/sold
    2 x 240L bins per 100 attendees - if food or drinks served/sold
    2 x 240L recycle bin per 100 attendees
    1 x 3m front load skip bin for greater than 1000 attendees - NOTE: This must have a lid
    For every Waste bin you MUST have an accompanying Recycle Bin

    Please indicate how many of each of the following bins will be provided for the event:

  • Temporary Structures

  • Yes No

  • Electricity / Water

  • Yes No

  • Yes No

  • Yes No

  • Noise / Amplified Sound

  • Yes No

  • Vehicle Access

  • Yes No

  • Temporary Road Closures

  • If road closures are needed, an application must also be lodged with the Queensland Police Service

  • Yes No

  • Environmental Management

  • Site Damage

  • First Aid & Medical Services

  • Yes No

  • Yes No

  • Carparking & Public Transport

  • Advertising / Signage

  • Yes No
  • If yes, Kawana Sports Precinct's signage policy must be adhered to. All signage must be corflute only, and must be no larger than 2000mm x 900 mm and is the responsibility of the hirer to erect and dismantle. This will be further detailed in the Venue Hire Agreement.
  • Wet Weather Alternative

  • Risk Management

  • Site Plan

  • Please attach a site plan, which clearly indicates all of the following applicable to the event:
    • Emergency access routes / parking and disabled parking
    • Security / crowd control and / or Police locations
    • Lost children / property
    • Site entrances / exits
    • Marquees / tents
    • Food / vendors / stalls - clearly number with location and name for each food stall
    • Spectator areas
    • First aid posts
    • Approved liquor consumption areas / non-alcohol areas
    • Portable toilet facilities
    • Litter / refuse facilities
  • Declaration & Signage by individual or on behalf of organisation or company

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